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With more than 15 years of successful professional football playing and the same amount of years in football agency, we offer the expertise and experience that is needed for successful guidance.

More than 20 lawyers cover expertise in various areas. That is not only a unique but also a super strong asset that will be of great use during the journey of a professional football player.
Our reputation in sports law has been outstanding for more than 30 years, and we are absolutely committed to keep it this way!
One Goal
To redefine football agency, that’s where we are coming from!


Times are changing.

Legal context and rulings in the international football world are getting more and more complex. Consequences when missing out have become unforgiving and penalties severe.

Huge, disproportional agent commissions in non-transparent deals are gradually being replaced by correctly compensated high level services, delivered by educated agents that put the athlete’s interests first.

Clubs chose their players based on data & success rates and performance improvement is key for athletes determined to reach their goals. They need to constantly push the boundaries of optimizing body & mind, and the ones that are guided well with state-of-the-art scientific breakthroughs, stand out.

At VSMediation we made it our mission to impact that change and build our offering around this new approach of legal support, transparency, high level tailor made services and a quality over quantity approach. Always putting the athlete first. That’s our mantra.


Walter Van Steenbrugge


is a national and international criminal defense lawyer, founder and CEO of the Belgian law firm VSAdvocaten and pioneer in human rights litigation with over three decades of experience before the highest Belgian, European and several International Courts. Being passionate about sports, he added sports law to his specializations and  has become the lawyer of European top football clubs and World Tour cyclist teams.

Setting higher standards and going all the way in every case he is asked to take on, is his credo.



Martin Van Steenbrugge

Founder & Football agent

had a successful career at the Belgian Federal judicial police, worked as an undercover agent and national informant handler, but above all put the reputed FAST team on the map and was a founding member of the ENFAST, the European Network Fugitive Active Search Teams. He was the deviser of the websites “Belgium’s Most Wanted” and “Europe’s Most Wanted Fugitives”.

Networking, across the boarder relationships, out of the box thinking and the battle for justice are key values and skills that Martin brings to the football agency.


Hamza Imad El Din

Football Agent

had an extensive foreign academic training in sports management. During his studies in Sunderland University he focused on the youth training system in Europe, at the University of Sheffield he studied training motivation and productivity. In 2015 he opened a football academy in Brussels and obtained his UEFA B diploma at the Belgian FA coaching training.

Passion for maximization of talent and a sound academic background makes Hamza relate to players in a very fruitful way.


Pascal Renier

Football agent

played soccer at the highest level for 15 years, at Football Club Bruges and in the Belgian National Team, with a participation in the World Cup ’94. Afterwards he turned his energy, expertise and experience to advising players, being the main actor of the Belgian unit of one of the biggest football agencies in Europe.

Pascal’s experience as a football agent and as as a player at the top, his expertise in deal making and the broad network in soccer world are of great value for the players he guides.

Foto Brecht Van der Beke

Brecht Van der Beke

Sports Psychologist

is a former top football athlete and certified psychologist, specialized in sports and performance psychology. Having worked with national youth teams and numerous players and coaches at the highest level, he knows what it takes to be consistent at the top. Football world has no secrets for Brecht, and the exceptional insights he introduces to this environment are of incredible value.

Trust, mutual respect and a growth mindset to maximize potential - without ever losing sight of the athlete’s well-being - that’s what he is all about.


An Van Acker

Managing Director

co-founded a Belgian Graphic Arts Technology company at 22 years old, successfully helped it grow into a brilliant 60-strong team to be merged into a market leader corporation. That was a perfect time to move to an international business career with the world brand Kodak. Entrepreneurship and optimizing the human body and brain are at An’s core interest.

Combining business goals with a genuine respect for the athlete and putting purpose before profit is what she brings to the agency.


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